September 2012 – August 2013

The Three Rs: Rights, Resistance and Reclamation

17 April 2013, 2.00pm. to 4.00pm.
The Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds in association with the Leeds Disability Action Group invites you to attend an afternoon seminar

This is an afternoon seminar led by Debbie Jolly and Robert Williams-Findlay, Co-founders of Disabled People Against Cuts and will take place in Beech Grove House. The venue is opposite the Student Union building in the centre of campus.


There is an overdue need to evaluate the changing nature of disability politics: its routes, beginnings and diverse directions since the coming to power of the UK Coalition. Questions posed include:

  • Were/are disabled people and their organisations ill equipped for this current Coalition onslaught and did we miss vital clues from preceding Labour Governments that might have ‘armed’ us better?
  • What directions are necessary and how can we better understand rights versus reformist agendas, activism versus co-option, and materialism versus cuts?
  • What is the key role of the new forms of self organisation by disabled people in groups such as Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC), Black Triangle and our allied groups such as Boycott Workfare and UKUncut?

This will be an interactive presentation and debate focusing on the concepts and actions of rights, resistance and reclamation.

The Future of Inclusive Education: Future Bright or Future in Crisis

2 April 2012, 9.30am. to 4.30pm.
The Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds held a one-day conference to debate the future of Inclusive Education in the UK.

Leeds’ academic leadership of Academic Network of European Disability experts (ANED) was extended for a further three years, and expanded to cover 34 countries, following the award of a €1.95m contract from the European Commission’s DG Justice.