Who is Involved in CDS?

CDS brings together staff and post-graduate researchers with widely varying interests and backgrounds from a number of Schools and Faculties across the University. We also host regular visits by disability studies scholars from around the world.

First nameLast nameSchool
Ana LauraAielloSchool of Law
Mostafa AttiaSociology & Social Policy
LisaBourneSchool of Law
LeahBurch Sociology & Social Policy
GemmaCarrSociology and Social Policy
CatrionaClarkSociology & Social Policy
GedDohertySociology & Social Policy
LesleyEllisSociology & Social Policy
VickieGauciSociology & Social Policy
SteveGrabySociology & Social Policy
HilaryGrantAcademic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences
YiHuangSchool of Law
JonathanHumeSociology & Social Policy
HollyJonesAcademic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences
Hui YuKuoSociology & Social Policy
HannaLeeSociology & Social Policy
AnnaMacintyreAcademic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences
RosaMorrisSociology & Social Policy
Alex LouisePearlSchool of Law
IngaReicheltSociology & Social Policy
Kevin deSabbataSchool of Law
FrederikeScholzBusiness School