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"A Life Well Done": A Collective Tribute to Michael Oliver


This document is a Tribute to Professor Michael Oliver. It has been co-authored by some of his many friends, disabled activists, Centre for Disability Studies (Leeds) members and colleagues from overseas. We do hope that this Tribute will be understood in the spirit that it was intended. As a series of reflections on, as Tony Baldwinson says, “a life well done”. Such lives are for celebrating and that was our goal.

There are three versions of the same document, one is standard pdf, the others are a pdf/a (with coloured backgrounds) and a pdf/a with black and white text and backgrounds (no 'fancy fonts')

Michael Oliver Tribute 2019

Michael Oliver Tribute (pdf-a version)

Michael Oliver Tribute 2019 (minimal colour version)

We thank the following for their contributions:

Tony Baldwinson

Anne-Marie Callus

Heng-hao Chang

Michelle Daley

Paul Darke

Clenton Farquharson

Vickie Gauci

Ruth Gould

Miro Griffiths

David Hevey

Alan Holdsworth (aka the singer and songwriter Johnny Crescendo)

Barbara Lisicki

Roger Slee

Students on MA Disability Studies (2018/19) at the University of Leeds

Pam Thomas

Zara Todd

Bob Williams-Findlay

Amy Camilleri Zahra