CDS Seminars and Events

The Centre runs a regular and lively seminar series featuring guest lecturers. All of these events are open to members of the disability community and allies as well as to university staff and students.

We welcome suggestions for future guest speakers from academia, disability activism and the wider policy community.

Recent guest speakers have included:

  • Ed Hall (Geography, Dundee) on ‘Relationality and Disability’
  • John Vorhaus (Philosophy, UCL) on ‘Respect, Cognitive Capacity and Profound Disability’
  • Paula Clarke (Education, Leeds) on ‘Inclusive Education’
  • Julia Bahner (Sociology & Social Policy, Leeds) on ‘Supporting people with mobility impairments in sexual engagement – what is the role of law and policy?’
  • Gillian Loomes (Law, Leeds) on ‘Mental Capacity and Participation in Research’


Since 1995 the Centre has hosted a number of significant seminars and conferences on disability issues, in addition to seminars and dissemination events arising from our research projects. Papers from several conferences are featured in some of the books available from The Disability Press.

CDS also supports the development of disability studies through major international conferences. The inaugural conference of the UK Disability Studies Association was jointly organised by CDS and colleagues at the Universities of York and Lancaster. Following the success of this event, this event has gone onto be an important ‘fixture’ in the calendar of Disability Studies researchers from inside and outside academia, from the UK and beyond.

We encourage our postgraduate students to run conferences, which they did in 2007 and again in 2008 and since then they have been taking part in Faculty and School postgraduate conferences, most recently being involved in a Disability Studies stream at the School of Sociology and Social Policy’s Annual Postgraduate Conference.

Four students stand smiling. They are attending the annual postgraduate conference.

(Left to right) Rebecca Porter, Hannah McGurk, Gayatri Gulvady and Bethan Gifford. Presenters at Annual Postgraduate Conference 2018.