Who is Involved in CDS?

CDS brings together staff and post-graduate researchers with widely varying interests and backgrounds from a number of Schools and Faculties across the University. We also host regular visits by disability studies scholars from around the world.

Dr Julia Bahner
Stephen Hallett
Dr Angharad Beckett
Matthew Allsop
Professor Colin Barnes
Dr Gauthier de Beco
Dr Louise Bryant
Dr Tom Campbell
Professor Luke Clements
Dr Beverley Clough
Helen Graham
Suzanne Hallam
Dr Andrea Hollomotz
Dr Raymond Holt
Amanda Keeling
Dr Oliver Lewis
Bryan Matthews
Dr Aaron Meskin
Dr Susan Pearson
Dr Simon Prideaux
Professor Mark Priestley
Professor Gerard Quinn
Alison Sheldon
Dr David Saltiel
Dr Jackie Salter
Professor Ruth Swanwick