September 2004 – August 2005

August 2005

Congratulations to Bill Armer, who defended his PhD thesis on disability and new genetics.

Colin Barnes travelled to the University of Western Australia to present an invited lecture on ‘Disability Activism and the Price of Success: A British Experience’.

July 2005

Congratulations to those of our students who graduated this month, especially to Alison Wilde and Sandra Gardner who both received thier doctorates.

June 2005

Colin Barnes, Geof Mercer and Simon Prideaux travelled to Malta as part of the EU funded research project on accessible environments. Colin presented an invited public lecture for the Maltese Commission for People with Disabilities on ‘Researching Disability from Disabled People’s Perspectives’.

Congratulations to Min Hui Kang who successfully defended her research thesis.

Visitors to the Centre this month included Mairin Veith, Russ Olsen and Dave Penna from Gualladet University (USA).

May 2005

Mark Priestley presented a plenary paper on ‘Disability, Generation and the Life Course’ at the International Cerbral Palsy Conference in Tampere (Finland)

April 2005

Debbie Jolly, Alison Wilde, Alison Sheldon and Mark Priestley attended the Nordic Network on Disability Research Conference in Oslo (Norway).

Michele Wates presented this month’s CDS seminar on ‘Disability and Family Life’.

Visits to the Centre included a two-week study visit by Masters students from Halmstad University (Sweden). Cecilia Kjellman presented a seminar on time-geographic approaches to the community presence of marginalised social groups.

March 2005

Congratulations to Dr Amanda Bergen and Dr Sandra Gardner, who successfully defended their PhD theses.

The new UK Disability Studies Association website was launched this month (those with relevant research or teaching interests are invited to register them online).

Tessa Harding (Help the Aged) presented a CDS Seminar on ‘What do you expect at your age? A discussion of Age Discrimination and the Prospects for Change’.

February 2005

Welcome to Dr Simon Prideaux, who beins work this month on an EU funded research project concerning access to the built environment.

Mark Graham (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research) presented CDS Seminar on ‘Disability, Discrimination and the European Union’s EQUAL Projects’

January 2005

A happy peaceful New Year to all!

December 2004

Anna Lawson travelled to Sofia (Bulgaria) to present an invited paper at the European Commission conference for EU candidate countries on ‘Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities’. She also presented a paper at the ‘Human Rights and Disability Discrimination’ conference at the National University of Ireland (Galway).

November 2004

Visitors to the Centre this month include Professor Charles Ngwena (Dept of Constitutional Law, University of the Free State, South Africa) who presented a seminar in the School of Law on ‘Equality and disability in the workplace: a South African approach’.

October 2004

Welcome to all our new undergraduate and Masters students, and to Julie-Ann Pencle, who begins her doctoral research project on colonial and post-colonial disability policy development in Jamaica (more details on our research pages soon).

Alison Wilde appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘The Message‘ to talk about representations of disability in the media.

September 2004

Colin Barnes, Alison Sheldon, Debbie Jolly and Alison Wilde presented papers at the second conference of the UK Disability Studies Association in Lancaster (abstracts and some papers are available on the conference web site).