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The History of the Disability Press

The Disability Press was a non profit making publisher which sought to provide an independent and alternative outlet for work in the general area of Disability Studies.

Using previously generated research funding The Disability Press was set up by Colin Barnes in the School of Sociology and Social Policy in 1995. It followed several unsuccessful attempts to get an edited collection of eleven papers from a conference covering the complex relationship between Disability Studies and the Sociology of Health and Illness, published by other publishers.

From the outset the main aim of the Disability Press was to reach as wide and audience as possible. All prospective authors were asked to avoid, wherever possible, unnecessary academic jargon and terminology and all publications were produced in a variety of formats.

Items published between 1995 and 2000 were available in either standard format, a large print version or a Braille copy produced by The Royal Nation Institute for Blind’s (RNIB) transcription unit, then housed in the University’s Equalities Unit. Subsequent publications were all available in standard format or CD on request.

The Disability Press ceased to operate in 2013. We are currently exploring ways to restart this publishing venture. If you are a publisher, or have ideas/suggestions please contact us:

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All items marked ** are freely available for download at The Disability Archive, Leeds: