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Access to healthcare for Black and Minority Ethnic Disabled People

Dr Mark Priestley and Sonali Shah

A five-month qualitative research project, funded by the Leeds Health Action Zone and the Leeds Involvement Project, with co-funding from an ESRC fellowship award.


  • To identify key issues in improving health care for Black and Minority Ethnic Disabled People in Leeds and to put these issues on the agenda of Primary Care groups and citywide groups.
  • To empower Black and Minority Ethnic Disabled People in Leeds to speak out about their healthcare needs, experiences, views and hopes.
  • To contribute some innovative research in a nationally under-researched area.


This was a small focussed piece of qualitative research in the Leeds area. We began by publicising the project and contacting local people able to help us. We also reviewed relevant literature and findings from other research.

The data collection involved interviews with key informants (Black disabled people and healthcare providers) followed by focus groups involving local Black and minority ethnic disabled people in Leeds to look at key issues.

Initial findings and a draft report were distributed for validation with key informants and health service managers.

The key themes of the project were

  • access to information and advice on health and social care, particularly through primary health care
  • preferences for receiving healthcare (e.g. at home, clinics, hospitals, community settings).
  • accessibility and appropriateness of services
  • views of professionals

Documents available on-line