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The economic needs and priorities of disabled people in Jordan

Majid Turmusani


This empirical research investigated the economic situation of disabled people in Jordan. It had two objectives, the first was to gain insight into the perceived economic needs of disabled people and the impact of the unmet needs on their lives. The second was to highlight the perceptions of disabled people of the existing provisions and legislation on employment and welfare support in Jordan.

An assumption which underlies this study is that there is a need to move the perception of disability, and the suggested solutions, away from traditional individualistic approaches towards more social model approaches. In this study, a participatory approach was adopted to investigate the economic situation of disabled people in Jordan whereby the involvement of disabled participants in the research process was emphasized.

The main sample in this study involved 154 disabled people and 30 key informants. These disabled people were involved in vocational training, sheltered workshops and self employment. They comprised those who were blind, deaf and physically impaired. Research findings reveal the severe disadvantage experienced by disabled people in consequence of unmet needs and lack of opportunities, especially in the economic sphere. Although, many disabled people viewed the satisfaction of their identified needs as a matter of charity, a substantial number of them rejected this charitable attitude and called for equal rights and opportunities with other members of society.

The research concluded that information and awareness of economic needs are key elements in changing attitudes towards disabled people and their abilities to make a substantial economic contribution to wider society and that the participatory research paradigm can play an important role in this process.

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