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Exploring the Divide

Exploring the Divide - book cover

Edited by Colin Barnes and Geoff Mercer (1996)

Exploring the Divide is the outcome of a three-day conference and seminar to explore the uneasy relationship between medical sociology and disability theory held here at Leeds in April 1995.

This event brought together some of the leading figures from both disciplines along with disabled and non-disabled researchers and disability activists from all over the UK.

Exploring the Divide is now out of print. However, the full text is available electronically on our web site in the Archive section. Please use the following links:


  1. Copyright information and contents pages
  1. Introduction: exploring the divide - Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer
  2. Defining and Researching Disability: challenges and responses - Mike Bury
  3. Defining Impairment and Disability: issues at stake - Mike Oliver
  4. Including All of Our Lives; Renewing the Social Model of Disability - Liz Crow
  5. Negative Attributes of Self: Radical Surgery and the Inner and Outer Lifeworld - Mike Kelly
  6. Disability, Identity and Difference - Tom Shakespeare
  7. Identity Crisis: Mental Health User Groups and the "problem" of Identity - Marian Barnes and Polly Shardlow
  8. Sick but Fit or Fit but Sick? Ambiguity and Identity in the Workplace - Ruth Pinder
  9. General Practitioners' Role in Shaping Disabled Women's Lives - Nasa Begum
  10. Breaking Down Barriers - Judith Emanuel and David Ackroyd
  11. Representing Disability: Some questions of phenomenology and politics - Gareth Williams.

The online text should be considered as a second edition. The page numbers in the electronic versions are different from those in the first print edition. If quoting from these documents, please reference the URL for each chapter.