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Sex & Disability: Politics, Identity and Access

Sex and Disability - book cover

Edited by Russell Shuttleworth and Teela Sanders (2011)

Since the mid-1990s, sexuality and disability research has experienced only limited expansion in terms of the kinds of issues investigated and the conceptual frameworks employed. While this research can be useful in certain contexts, little attention has been paid to the barriers and cultures that restrict disabled people’s sexual expression and sexual freedom.

Written by established figures and newcomers to the field, this edited collection brings together new research findings and insights around a range of innovative themes that address the complex relationship between sexuality, disability, politics, identity and access. Allowing the voice of disabled people to tell stories of sexuality and sexual behaviour, this book is a landmark collection of chapters that removes the taboo on sex and disability.

Sex & Disability: Politics, Identity and Access will be essential reading for scholars, researchers, students across the social sciences, policymakers, professionals and disabled people and non-disabled people interested in disability, sexuality and human rights.