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In or out of the mainstream? Lessons from research on disability and development cooperation

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Edited by Bill Albert (2006)

The Department for International Development (DFID) funded Disability Knowledge and Research Programme was the most ambitious project ever mounted on disability and development. At its heart was a series of 23 research projects. Some of these were done with non-disabled allies, others by individual disabled researchers and others from a collaborative effort between disabled colleagues in the South and the North. All embrace the social model of disability and most are concerned with understanding the impact of external interventions on the lives of poor disabled people in the South.

This collection is made up of 13 chapters reworked by the authors from their reports. While there is a strong focus on the mainstreaming of disability, a wide range of topics are considered, including; education, the impact of domestic disability legislation, the Ugandan PRSP process, the role of foreign NGOs in Mozambique, disability statistics, poverty and disability, the social model and development and participatory rural appraisal in Cambodia.

The book is available on request at no additional cost on CD, in PDF format, for ease of access for people who require alternative formats.


  1. Lessons from the Disability Knowledge and Research Programme - Bill Albert and Mark Harrison
  2. Changing the social relations of research: managing a disability - Bill Albert and Mark Harrison
  3. The social model of disability, human rights and development - Rachel Hurst and Bill Albert
  4. Mainstreaming disability in development cooperation: lessons - Carol Miller and Bill Albert
  5. Has disability been mainstreamed in development cooperation? - Bill Albert, Andrew K. Dube, Trine Cecilie Riis-Hansen
  6. Disability, poverty and the ‘new’ development agenda - Rebecca Yeo
  7. Reflections on disability data and statistics in developing - Arne H. Eide, Mitch E. Loeb
  8. Promoting inclusion? Disabled people, legislation and public policy - Tomson Dube, Rachel Hurst, Richard Light, and Joshua Malinga
  9. The role and effectiveness of disability legislation in South Africa - Andrew K. Dube
  10. Participation of disabled people in the PRSP/PEAP process in Uganda - Andrew K. Dube
  11. Capacity building with DPOs in Mozambique - Jabulani Ncube
  12. Disability in conflict and emergency situations: Focus on tsunami-affected Areas - Victor Cordeiro, Shivaram Deshpande, Maria Kett, Sue Stubbs and Rebecca Yeo
  13. Improving participatory appraisal approaches with rural disabled people: A pilot project in Pursat province, Cambodia - Steve Harknett
  14. Situational analysis and assessment of education for disabled children in Bangladesh, South Asia, East Asia and South Africa - Rabiul Hasan